Estate Planning

Look beyond a will if you care about your loved ones.

Many people think the purpose of estate planning is limited to ensuring that your assets and possessions are passed on to the people and parties you want to have them after you die, with as little delay and costs as possible. However good estate planning goes beyond this. It plans for adequately addressing many of the obligations you undertake if you are no longer able to perform your responsibilities due to death or incapacity. 

Think about all the areas in your life that may need someone to step in and take your place in your absence. Who do you take care of, provide for, guide or mentor?

We are here to help.

Our advisers can assist you in ensuring that all relevant areas are covered. The preparation of a will, powers of attorney and the nomination of superannuation beneficiaries are all part of the process – but there is much more to an estate plan than that.  Future funding through the proceeds of insurance and the tax implications that result from an unexpected event need to be properly considered. It is likely that your adviser will require the services of numerous specialist to ensure that your estate is distributed correctly. 

Estate Planning

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